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Spreadsheets Matter

Data and formulas are organized in two-dimensional tables, which enables everyone to manipulate data and to program.


Spreadsheet technology has existed since 1969, when the first electronic spreadsheet, LANPAR, was implemented in computers.

750 millions

Spreadsheets are the most commonly used software today. Microsoft Excel is the most popular, having more than 750 millions users worldwide.


70% of companies rely upon spreadsheets for critical portions of their businesses.


Many companies use spreadsheets that are large, complex, shared by people, and maintained over years.


57% of large businesses claim that bad spreadsheets have caused wasted time.


33% of large businesses report poor decision making is largely the result of spreadsheet problems. 17% of large businesses have suffered financial loss on account of poor spreadsheets.

What about you?
How many hours per day do you spend on your spreadsheets?
Are you sure they are error-free?

What We Do

We empower spreadsheet users with leading technologies and solutions.

Ready-to-use Apps

Leverage strength and overcome weakness of spreadsheets by our apps in form of add-ins, downloaded directly from Excel

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Tailored Apps

Let's build together your tailored team app with the most advanced Excel technology, which can replace your buggy legacy VBA code

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Upload spreadsheets including VBA macros to servers and get an analysis report immediately; nothing is installed in your machine

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Take your spreadsheet modeling to the next level by participating in our training, ranging from advanced Excel skills to risk management

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Ready-to-use Apps

Power up your spreadsheet experience with our ready-to-use add-ins, downloadable directly from Excel (see how ).

Formula Formatter
Format complex formulas for better readability
  • Automatically display long and complex formulas in several lines with indentations
  • Better understand the logic in formulas
  • Format, modify, and unformat the formula in a text area
  • Write modified formulas back to sheets
Spreadsheet Verificator
Verify and detect errors in your spreadsheets
  • Verify all the spreadsheet cells by types
  • Either prove that a spreadsheet is exempt of a class of typing errors, or identify the cell formulas that contain typing mismatches, which are clues to spreadsheet defects
  • Improve the quality of your spreadsheets and prevent you from making business decisions with incorrect spreadsheets
Bottleneck Detector
Detect the bottlenecks that slow down your file
  • Detect slow worksheets among all the worksheets of your spreadsheet
  • Recognize slow ranges inside your workbook
  • Improve the efficiency of your workbooks by amending any bottlenecks therein

Tailored Apps

The above add-ins look good, but your team has a specific need? Tell us and let us give you a specific solution.

Your need

  • Retire buggy and unmaintainable VBA code and transform existing spreadsheets
  • Connect to more data and external tools
  • Automate working process
  • Add new features and functionalities

Our assets

  • Technology for automatically analyzing spreadsheet applications
  • JavaScript API for Office
  • Visual Studio Tools for Office
  • "Completist" service attitude

Your tailored team app in the form of spreadsheets, add-ins, desktop app, or SaaS

Software as a Service

Upload spreadsheet files and get an analysis report immediately, you install nothing in your machine.

Spreadsheet Inspection Report

Synthesize the key properties of spreadsheets including VBA macros
  • Criticality and complexity of macros
  • Databases (eg, SQL, Bloomberg) and external spreadsheets the spreadsheet needs
  • External computation libraries (eg, C++ DLL)
  • Core calculation schema: main inputs and outputs; important macros and formulas, dead macros
  • Workbook / worksheet / macro / cell relationship diagrams


Join our training at Ecole Polytechnique Executive Education, or tailor courses to help you excel at your job.

Courses Financial professional,
business analyst,
supply chain manager,
IT professional,
Information System auditor
Advanced Excel functionalities, tools and skills
Business reporting with Excel, Power BI
Data management with Excel, Power Query
VBA programming
JavaScript API for Office
Visual Studio Tools for Office
Spreadsheet risk management


Behind our solutions are years of focus on and research in computer science and spreadsheets.

Xavier RIVAL

Scientific Adviser

Xavier is a Research Director for INRIA, head of the ANTIQUE Project-Team of ENS Paris & INRIA & CNRS. He graduated from École Normale Supérieure - Paris.

Xavier works in programming languages and static analysis for the verification of semantic properties of computer programs. His main focus is on abstract interpretation and more specifically on abstractions of linked and dynamically allocated data structures in programs.

He was laureate of an ERC Starting Grant (European Research Council). As part of his research activity as a PI of the ERC MemCAD project, he supported research on the analysis of Spreadsheet Applications. He currently provides scientific guidance to Matrix LEAD.



Tie pursued a PhD in computer science in ENS Paris & INRIA & École Polytechnique; he also has Master's degrees from Mines ParisTech and École Polytechnique.

Tie began learning programming in middle school. After obtaining his master's degree, his work experiences in Total and UBS Investment Bank let him realize that millions of non-programmer professionals are enabled by Excel to do sort of coding, whether knowingly or not. Furthermore, some additional skills and guidance could significantly make easier their work. Since then, he has set the ambition of bringing forth programming insights to end-users to help people code better.

Later, he pursued his PhD entitled "static analysis of spreadsheet applications" under Xavier's supervision in the MemCAD ERC Project group; he implemented the research spreadsheet verification tool AiXL. He then founded Matrix Lead, aiming at empowering end-users with advanced tools from science and technology.



Yi is from School of Software of Tsinghua University, in China.

Yi loves mathematical modeling, and has won the second prize of MCM (Mathematical Contest in Modeling) 2015. Besides, Yi has always been interested in web programming, and has been using PHP, JavaEE, AngularJS for 2 years.

He joined Matrix Lead in november 2016. Currently, he is focusing on building the killer product of the company.

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